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Reef Knot is a scalable artist collective featuring Michelle McCosker and Alasdair Nicol. On a project by project basis we collaborate with additional artists across all art forms.

On an informal basis we’ve been collaborating since around 2002 on paintings and soft sculptural works. As two of the founding directors of Knot Gallery (2001-2005) our curatorial styles moved increasingly towards an installation-based presentation that treated the experiential environment as tantamount to the viewer’s appreciation of the exhibition.

Since the closing of the gallery we have been more formally working together on larger multi-arts installations throughout Sydney and at selected festivals. Our works now tend to incorporate between 5-20 additional artists, creatives, engineers, designers etc.

With a desire to increase engagement of the arts by non-traditional arts audiences the majority of our works use familiar found and recycled materials and are installed in the public domain.

Michelle McCosker
As one half of Reef Knot, Michelle McCosker is a visual artist and curator fascinated by the relationship between art and the everyday. In her early twenties Michelle was one of the main curators and founding directors of Knot Gallery where she developed a distinctive ‘installation’ aesthetic in the face of conventional artwork display. Coupled with a desire to be non-exclusive, she created a series of annual, thematic, open-invite group exhibitions (‘Fishibishion’ ’02, ‘Insection’ ‘03, ‘Treeson’ ’04 and ‘Fairies & the Magical Realm’ ’05).

For Reef Knot, Michelle has co-directed a number of public art and installation works as part of City of Sydney’s Live Lanes projects (2007-08) and Underbelly Public Arts Lab & Festival at Carriageworks (2007-08). These pieces consolidate an aesthetic of combining artforms to create immersive environments. Other recent creative direction and curation include the Hills Hoist stage decor (2005-07) and sculpture garden (2005-08) at Peats Ridge Festival.

Alasdair Nicol
As the other half of Reef Knot, Alasdair Nicol is a creative and producer with over a decade of experience in both the arts and design worlds. A founding director of Knot Gallery, he has curated or produced in excess of 100 exhibitions featuring work by a mix of young, emerging, experimental and more established artists working in all media.

Since 2005 he has worked progressively more in the festival and public art worlds, directing a diversity of collaborative projects including live sculpture performances at The Great Escape festival and a giant mural painting at the Surry Hills Festival, as well as being instrumental in the creation of the Hills Hoist multi arts precinct at Peats Ridge Festival. As an artist, Alasdair works as part of Reef Knot – a dynamic artist collective focussing on the collaborative re-purposing of disused objects. Recent installations include a 9.5 tonne zen rock garden installation for the Underbelly Public Arts Lab & Festival and a sky-born inflatables-based installation as part of City of Sydney’s Art & About festival.


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